Saving online

• Mar 1, 2017 - 12:31

When I save a piece of music online it seems only to appear automatically in the group to which I belong (Counterpoint and Fugue). Is it also available to others who are not members of that group? If not, how can save it so that it is available for general viewing?

Sorry if I am wrong. I've noticed, since joining Counterpoint and Fugue, I've lost some of my usual Musescore acquaintances.




If you save online, the score is wither public (visible to everybody) or private (visible to you only).
You can add privat scores to groups, and that way extent visibility.
You can add public scores to groups, too, but they were publicly visible before already.
Saving online does not add the score to any group, this is an extra step
Updating a score that had been saved online before doesn't change it's visibilty

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