MuseScore grabs MIDI interfaces

• Aug 18, 2012 - 13:20
S4 - Minor

Even if MIDI is disabled for entering notes into a score, MuseScore keeps hold of an external MIDI port. MuseScore seems to search for MIDI ports on startup and grab them all. The only way to keep hold of a MIDI port for use by other software currently is to plug the MIDI interface in after MuseScore has started.

When MuseScore does not need to use a MIDI port, it should release it so that other programs can use it.



This is is also an issue for me. I use an M-Audio Oxygen Keyboard on Windows with the M-Adio driver installed. The driver is only required if I want tio use two MIDI applications at once. Therefore you can uderstand my disappointment when I noticed that my keyboard wasn't available to my DAW once I started MuseScore.

Please, don't grab and hold any MIDI device at startup. And it should be possible not to use a MIDI input device (ie the drop-down needs an empty selector box).

AFAIK, the issue still exists in the nighlties.