how to delete a glissando

• Aug 16, 2012 - 13:55

I can't seem to delete a gliss I put in in error. When I click on it, it won't highlight, hence, I can't work with it. I am attaching a file for you gurus to examine. The gliss is right before rehearsal mark "F".Thanks!

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Of course,you aren't *supposed* to have to use a workaround like that - it's normally possible to select and delete all markings.

What seems to be the case here is that a gliss between two notes of the same pitches is unselectable. MuseScore won't normally even let you create one, but I found that if you first create the gliss between two notes of different pitches, then change the pitch of the second note to match the first, I can re-create this same situation.

This particular glitch does not appear in 2.0, so I guess there is no need to file an issue. A glass can be added or deleted regardless of pitches.

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??? Glisses are deleted exactly the same way as any other element - click to select then hit delete (Fn-Delete on Mac). Works just fine.

The only issue was in certain rare case in 1.X where - as explained above - it was possible to indirectly create glisses between notes of the same pitch by first creating a gliss between different pitches and then for whatever strange reason (and surely this would be rare) change the pitches to be identical. If you did that, then you wouldn't be able to delete the gliss unless you changed the pitches again so they weren't identical. At that point, it would be perfectly easy to delete the gliss again. But in 2.0 builds, even that rarely-encountered bug doesn't exist. Glisses are *always* deletable, even if you for whatever strange reason change the pitches of the notes to be identical after adding the gliss.

Click on the first note, Add a different glissando (the wavy one). Press [Ctrl]-z for "Undo". Works in MS1.2, xubuntu 12.04 - I agree that it shouldn’t happen but at least this means you don't need to delete the other notes.

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