Can't switch between pitched and unpitched percussion

• Feb 25, 2017 - 15:34

I'm writing a part where a marimba player also has to play a suspended cymbal. I can't put a percussion clef in a treble staff or vice versa. Also, even if I use a mid-staff instrument change, if I select one channel in the mixer as drumset it changes both of them. How can I get around this?


You will have to use 2 instruments and hide empty stave don't check "don't hide empty staves in first system" so it will appear that they are on the same line. If you want them to change instruments in the middle of a line on the part, after the last measure for instrument 1 you will need to enter a horizontal text box (with nothing in it) and make is 0sp wide in the inspector. If you always change instruments on a new line, then you don't need the text box, just put a new line character on it (from the Breaks and spacers palette).

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