Chord Symbols with a "Sharp" on English keyboard.

• Feb 24, 2017 - 20:04

I need to print a chord symbol for "C Sharp Major". The manual says use the key that looks like a sharp, or "hash", which is Shift+3 on an American keyboard. On a British keyboard the same key gives the £ sign, and on the music, that's what you get!

I've tried the usual methods for asking for help, and the system corrects my typing of "sharp" by telling me that I meant "share". I also looked for the keyboard shortcut in the "Preferences" menu, hoping to customise an alternative shortcut, but it didn't seem to appear there.

I know I could use enharmonic D Flat, but that would not be quite correct in the context.

Thanks for your help.



Does the British keybaord have a "#" symbol somewhere else? If so, try that. If not, try an actual sharp sign, which you can normally enter in MuseScore with Ctrl+Shift+# (aka Ctrl+Shift+3). Maybe that will fool the system better?

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Marc! It's 1/22/2023. I can't get Special Characters to work in 4.0. When I follow the 4.0 manual, it crashes MuseScore.

So I've been on a Google hunt to figure out a way to input a sharp sign, and look who pops up! Marc! :D

Ctrl+Shift+# works perfectly in Musescore 4.0, even if I can't get it to make a sharp sign here. I left a note for help in the Support and Bug Forum today. In the meantime, this gets me off this project! Woot! Woot!

By the way, you're the BEST! <3

Or use the note entry tool bar for the sharp? If the enharmonic is faster to type then the J key changes spelling (from Db to C#)

British keyboards mostly have a # sign. You state that yours does not. Please post a picture of your keyboard or the serial number or whatever to identify it. Also, what operating system are you using and have you any unusual (ie non-English) settings?

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