Trill playback issue

• Feb 24, 2017 - 01:56

Basically, when you cross beam a trilled note, it doesn't playback the way it should. It's very hard to explain in text so attached is an mscz with the problem trill notes. Just play it back, and you'll immediately understand what I mean (hopefully). I'll list the steps I took to reproduce this.

1. Create a new score for piano.
2. Place any old note on the treble clef staff. For example a middle c.
3. Lower it by 2 octaves.
4.. Now add a trill ornament to said note.
5. Now use ctrl + shift + down arrow to cross beam it to the bass clef.
6. Play.

Now what's interesting is that if you don't cross beam it and leave it lowered by 2 octaves, it sounds fine. But cross beam it and you've got the issue I'm experiencing.

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