stem length becomes short for stem up note when pitch increase

• Aug 8, 2012 - 03:19
S4 - Minor

git ce351a2ed7

add eight note with no beam, press "x" to stem up.
- expect: the stem length remains same
- actual: the stem length become shorter and shorter when pitch increase

stem length

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I believe it's a feature (?). See Style -> Edit general style -> Note -> Reduce stem length.
I'm not sure why this feature exists, and if it should be on by default. Maybe it should only apply to notes without hook?

It's ST_shortenStem in Style, and can be set through score->style()->set(ST_shortenStem, false)

"I'm not sure why this feature exists, and if it should be on by default."
mm, me too.

" Maybe it should only apply to notes without hook?"
in beam notes should shorten length?

I don't know the official rules - presumably Elaine Gould has something to say about it - but it does seem to be a pretty common thing in the published music I have. The posted excerpt looks pretty much spot-on to me.

Lilypond has a "stem-shorten" array: "How much a stem in a forced direction should be shortened. The list gives an amount depending on the number of flags and beams."
According to the regression test suite "If note head is ‘over’ the center line, the stem is shortened. This happens with forced stem directions, and with some chord configurations."

In the code you can read
;; Stems in unnatural (forced) direction should be shortened by
;; one staff space, according to [Roush & Gourlay].
;; Flagged stems we shorten only half a staff space.
(stem-shorten . (1.0 0.5))

I believe this is for unbeamed notes. For beams, there is another property named beamed-stem-shorten

;; If we shorten beamed stems less than normal stems (1 staff-space),
;; or high order less than 8th beams, patterns like
;; c''4 [c''8 c''] c''4 [c''16 c]
;; are ugly (different stem lengths).
;; But if we shorten 16th beams as much as 8th beams, a single
;; forced 16th beam looks *very* short.

;; We choose to shorten 8th beams the same as single stems,
;; and high order beams less than 8th beams, so that all
;; isolated shortened beams look nice and a bit shortened,
;; sadly possibly breaking patterns with high order beams.
(beamed-stem-shorten . (1.0 0.5 0.25))