Plugin documentation not available in the nightly builds

• Aug 7, 2012 - 09:39
S4 - Minor

It seems the plugin documentation doesn't get generated as part of the nightly builds.
As there have been quite a few additions and changes lately, many pages are outdated or just missing

GIT commit: 7f655f1


Title Plugin documentation not current in the nightly builds Plugin documentation not available in the nightly builds

Seems the nightly builds still don't generate the plugin documentation, nit for Windows at least
GIT commit: c65f00f

I see this in CMakeLists.txt:
{syntaxhighlighter }
add_custom_command(OUTPUT ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/plugins
DEPENDS genManual

COMMAND ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/manual/genManual ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR} /usr/local/${Mscore_SHARE_NAME}${Mscore_INSTALL_NAME}manual

install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND make install_plugins_manual)")

That '/usr/local' seem to indicate that if may only work for Linux?

I didn't check the nightlies but in my own windows build, it does't work. I'm not sure why but the INSTALL(CODE line seems to be ignored.

In both the RELEASE and DEBUG builds, I see the following line in the compiling output between the "build" and "installation" phase...
[100%] Built target mscore
mingw32-make[3]: Entering directory `D:/MS_TRUNK/build.release'
mingw32-make[3]: Leaving directory `D:/MS_TRUNK/build.release'
[100%] Built target genManual
mingw32-make[2]: Leaving directory `D:/MS_TRUNK/build.release'
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "RELEASE"
'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
-- Installing: D:/MS_TRUNK/win32install/bin/mscore.exe
-- Up-to-date: D:/MS_TRUNK/win32install/bin/mingwm10.dll

Note the "'make' is not recognized..." line.

That's what I thought as well. In the makefile.mingw it is listed as '$(MAKE)'. I tried "${MAKE}" (only in the DEBUG section) but it didn't work. I will replace them all and try again.

OK, I found the problem but don't know how to fix it. In the project root in cmakelists.txt is the follow code:

if (MINGW)
install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND cmd /c \"make install_plugins_manual\")")
else (MINGW)
install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND make install_plugins_manual)")
endif (MINGW)

There is no 'make' command anywhere.

if (MINGW)
install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND cmd /c \"cmake install_plugins_manual\")")
else (MINGW)
install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND make install_plugins_manual)")
endif (MINGW)
doesn't solve the problem?

No, I tried that too. Cmake complains that the "install_plugins_manual" directory doesn't exist (something like that).

The exact message is "CMake Error: The source directory "D:/MS_TRUNK/build.release/install_plugins_manual" does not exist."

Replaced "make" with "mingw32-make" (both lines) and the plugin creator now has a help manual in the form of many HTML files. I assume this is what people were wanting? Can someone put in a pull request with this fix in it?

Both lines means exactly that, there's two lines with the "make" command in the section. Am I reading the directive logic incorrect? Does't the section below have two "make" commands, almost exactly the same, intended for the Windows platform?

if (MINGW)
install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND cmd /c \"make install_plugins_manual\")")
else (MINGW)
install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND make install_plugins_manual)")
endif (MINGW)

In my mind, only the first one will ever run as MINGW is true under Windows but figured both should be changed (or one removed). How else should I read the above? (I know C and understand C preprocessor directives but don't know makefile logic.)

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Mac is said to be working, Windows (still) works too, and Linux had been fixed quite a while ago and hopefully not been broken again

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I reopen this bug, because on my Linux Mint 17 with latest MuseScore build (3d19d74) there is no manual in the plugin creator.

I think there should at least be an online version that we could access, otherwise there is no documentation for the new QML plugin system.

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Great! That's a good start!

Do you know if we can access the measure number? I didn't see it in the documentation.

The manual is still not working in MuseScore, but I found out that the plugin documentation is generated when building MuseScore. On Linux Mint using Qt, we can find the last available properties and method in ~/MuseScore-build/share/manual/plugins

What isn't working? In Linux nightly build it won't work, as there it contains the executable only, but for Windows and Mac it does work.

Sorry, I should I specified "in Linux". But at least, when compiling from source, we can get the manual in the build folder.

Btw, is it planed to have the manual working in Linux one day?