Lilypond export of appoggiaturas, acciaccaturas and tremolos

• May 22, 2009 - 08:09


Musescore 0.9.4 on Windows XP SP3 here (but I suspect OS is irrelevant).

1) Acciaccatura and appoggiatura

Currently all kinds of grace notes are exported to .ly as appoggiaturas, in fact erasing the distinction between acciaccatura and appoggiatura. Both are exported as:

\grace{\stemUp d'8 (   } \stemNeutral c4 )

while the proper .ly syntax would be:

\acciaccatura { d'8 } c4


\appoggiatura { d'8 } c4

(braces can be omitted with a single grace note, which is usually the case, but this is marginal).


Currently tremolos are not exported to .ly at all! The proper syntax would be:

\repeat tremolo 2 { c8 d }

for a 2-times repetition of the two chromae. For tremolos on a single note, this syntax can be shortened to


for a single minima made up of chromae.

I am attaching a small .mscz example and the .ly exported from it.

I work mainly on Baroque music and these two points are those which at the moment prevent me from using MuseScore. Which is really unfortunate because, for most other aspects, it is absolutely a gem!.



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