Delete 2nd staff, piano

• May 22, 2009 - 00:00

I would like to write a melody on the upper staff and a bass part on the lower staff as a piano lead sheet, but then make separate parts of them so I can produce a bass part and transpoe the upper staff to other instruments.

At this time, if I try o delete either staff to just leave the one, I get a runtime error and the program terminates.

i can just set it up with a bass staff and a (for example} vocal staff, but i would like to have a piano part.



Make sure that there is absolutely nothing in the staff you are trying to delete. First delete all notes, then drag the bar lines and brackets to cover only one staff. Then go to Create\instruments, and delete the staff there. It would probably be easier to add piano twice--once with a treble clef, and once with a bass clef--and then merge them to look like one piano part when the parts are all broken out.

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