Allow fingerings in tablature staffs

• Feb 22, 2017 - 09:19
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As discussed in it is necessary to have fingerings in lute tablature. Currently the adding and showing of fingerings isn't enabled. It should for sure be added!
Another problem are the lute fingerings, they should also include a "...." (four dots) for the little finger, as sometimes these signs are used for left had fingering also.


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Ok, but why do you make the distinction between "as lute tablature especially French tab, or not, as in guitar tablature"
Maybe I misunderstood the contents of your PR. And you also say: "Necessary to have fingerings in lute tablatures." I understand your point of view and I respect it.

But, for my part, I use very often linked staves (standard notation and lute tab staff), and it would really be a great pain to go back (this was discussed lengthily on threads, eg: #32966: Make fingering optional on tab staves) and have to be forced to hide all superfluous and redundant fingerings of the other staff.

So I hope I'm not mistaken in the wording, but I still vote for a "general" option: Hide / Show tablature fingerings.

I only meant in my posting the difference between having/needing fingering in lute tablature (especially in french tab) and not to need it in guitar tablature, especially when it is linked.
Sorry for not being clear enough!

My pull request will give you the option to hide or show tablature fingerings. So you can do as you want.

"My pull request will give you the option to hide or show tablature fingerings. So you can do as you want."
Do we agree (or not) that your PR also deals with linked staves? That's just my major concern.

Before my PR tablature you couldn't have any fingerings.

- you can have the current state: no fingerings, if you uncheck the option (or leave it per default in this state);
- or you can have fingerings also in tablature staves.
It is a global variable, that sets up a global behaviour, and doesn't have to do anything with linked staves.
I for myself doesn't want to exclude not needing fingerings in two linked staves. I'm not sure, if that is needed, but anyway, I think that should be left to the user's will.

To deal with linked staves and to leave a certain freedom to the user here, would mean to stick that variable to the stave options (but then IMHO also for notation systems - then one could really do everything).