• May 20, 2009 - 22:50

Attached you will find a file that is a test.
I tried to copy a section from a much longer file, but the chord names worked better in that one?????
In the original file the 3rd chord does not change to a Jazz font.

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Not that this is related to the issue you are reporting, but there are five identical chordnames on top of each other. If you drag one of the "Ab m69/Bb" chord names you will see what I mean.

Did you manually enter this chord name multiple times? Any idea why this happened?

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still r1770

What I have noticed lately is that sometimes the chordname does not switch to the jazz font, even though all is selected properly.

When that happens, in the past, I have had success by selecting the chordname, going to harmony pallet and then OK and move from the chordname. LAtely, when I go to the pallet after selecting the chordname, it seems to come up without the proper information - everything is set to the default.

So... I may have clicked on that one a few times, I'm not sure.
I will check this if it happens again so that I don't repeated;y re-write the chordname.

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