How can I change the Stave to JianPu( numbered musical notation )

• Feb 21, 2017 - 16:00

How can I change stave score to numbered musical score? Is there any plugin which I can load the stave score file and than export to the numbered musical score file?

Thanks lot in advance.


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Jojo, thanks for your quick reply.
I searched in chinese search engine - Baidu. There is a Musescore Forum in Buidu which show some on in china already write a plugin for JianPu's view. But I can't find the plugin doc. They may not share this plugin file out and upload to Musescore's website.

I will try again to search it. And also, I think JianPu is much more popular in china. It's better to create a plugin for those requirement.

Thanks again for your help.

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I tried the jianpu_view plugin, it kind of worked. However, It does not distinguish the octave of the note. The plugin only shows the note number instead of the letter name, also not the correct octave with a dot on top or below the number. A more sophisticated plugin or feature simplified notation or jianpu should make the staff lines disappear and make the score appear as only in simplified notation.

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I know right? Too bad I can't code to save my life.

It should also have an option to transpose since most instruments that use the jianpu are diatonic.

I've been reading off the note names and converting them to numbers in my head.
Problem is when the flute I have isn't in C major key and I'm not playing solo, brain grinds to a crawl...

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