Specific chord names

• Aug 1, 2012 - 15:23

I'm trying to write a 6/9 chord name, and I can't get it to work. If I just write "D69," then it shows up just as that. If I write "D6/9," then it only shows up as "D6."

I've searched and can't seem to locate how to do this. Anyone know?



First step when trying to figure out how to enter chords: read the Handbook section Chord name . Then decide which of the available chord name styles you wish to use, and make sure it is loaded. Then you can run Plugins->Lead Sheet->Generate Chord Chord to see a list of the support chord names and how they are written in that style.

I know in the cchords_muse style - the default chord name style for the Jazz Lead Sheet and other "Jazz" templates - the chord is entered as simply D69 but displays with the 6 superscripted above the 9. I can't remember if any of the styles use the slash character, but if they don't you can always edit the chord name style XML file and add it. But I suspect you'd not want to type the slash, because MuseScore would try to interpret it as a slash chord.

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