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• Jul 31, 2012 - 15:31

Is it possible to break the beams every beat when sixteenth notes are involved? I know that beaming four eighth notes together is standard practice, but this looks terrible, in my opinion (and is not standard practice---in 4/4 anyway), when 16ths are involved. Is there another way around this other than going through the entire score and dragging the little "start beam" icon to each and every place I want to start a new beam?

See attached for example. Measure 1 is the way I'd like it to look.


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For information on how to break and join beams, see Beam in the Handbook. I have keyboard shortcuts set up for these command so I can immediately break or join a beam after entering a note with a single keypress.

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Sorry, I missed where you mentioned dragging the start beram icon. That works, of cours,e but is the slowest of all methods. Defining a keyboard shortcut (via Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts) is fastest, next is double-clicking the palette symbol instead of dragging it to the note. That method - double-clicking palette icon to apply it to all selected notes - works for all note-attached palette elements, not just the beams.

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