My Own Symphonic Orchestra SoundFont Collection

• Feb 21, 2017 - 00:08

Hi Everyone! I've just made my own Symphonic Orchestra Collection SoundFont for you all to use for composing anything and then export it to any audio format by sending links to me.

Warning: NOT a GM or GS Bank. You are going to have to choose the instruments when creating a composition.

Although, I need more instruments than this, But you can Download the SoundFont here:

Here are the Instruments I used but need some more from all of you.

Farfisa Grand Piano: Perfect Piano Samples to use for anything!
VSCO Concert Harp: Beautiful Sound, Even for Solo Passages, But needs more dynamics than that.
Harp Solo: I don't know where that SoundFont came from? Oh well, Still a beautiful Sound for 2nd Harp Parts.
Violin I, II, Violas, Celli, Basses Legato, Pizz, Detatche, and Tremolo, (From SquidFont Orchestral) Beautiful Sound for Slow Passages, But however, the Strings in the Legato Section need more accents for fast passages.
AA Violin Solo: Oh!, My!, Gosh!!! That Violin SoundFont Sounds SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!, It doesn't need to be looped. Perfect to use for Solo Violin Cadenzas, and other stuff in solo parts.
Solo Violin Pizz: More like a small violin section though.
My Violin: Notice that I've recorded these samples. What do you think about that? Since I'm always a 2nd Violinist when I audition for All County and All State Orchestras anyway, This will do for a 2nd Violin Solo, (Less Dramatic than AA Violin).
Viola Solo: Samples from here: and oh, how beautiful they sound. Perfect for Slow Passages, but NOT Fast Passages, Because the samples need more accents, and More Chromatic Samples.
Solo Viola Pizz: More like a small viola section though.
Richard Thomas's Cello: Sample I used for some good notes from an Improvisation here: (I really hope and wish that some day or months, or a year, That cellist will learn how to record REAL Note Samples than keep on recording Improvisations! Can you please tell me why some people don't record Note Samples when they ONLY do Improvisations like he does?, But however, I really liked All of his Improvisations. But really, He needs to learn how to record NOTE SAMPLES like I commented here, (2nd Comment I've posted on this Sound):
Solo Cello Pizz: More like a small cello section though.
Contrabass: Somehow from SGM, Really good for solos or small Ensemble Scores.
Solo Contrabass Pizz: More like a small bass section though.
Piccolo: I don't know where that SoundFont came from, Oh well, Still a beautiful Sound for anything.
CFlute: Wow! Best Flute SoundFont I've ever heard, Beautiful and Perfect for Solo passages and sections!
Oboe: I don't know where that SoundFont came from, Oh well, Still a beautiful Sound for anything.
Eddie's English Horn: The Perfect English Horn SoundFont for Solos in Slow, But NOT Fast Passages.
UOI Clarinet: Better than the Bad Clarinet Samples from Fluid. Perfect for Solo passages.
UOI Bassoon: Perfect for Solos, and Much better Sound than Ethan's Bassoon, I mean, Ethan's bassoon still sounds great, but UOI Bassoon Sounds much better.
Solo French Horn: Perfect for Solo parts.
JL Trumpet: A great Trumpet SoundFont for Solo Passages.
Muted Trumpet: Great and Sounds more like an Orchestral Trumpet being muted.
JL Trombone: A great Trombone SoundFont for Solo Passages, Even Bass Trombone parts.
SGM Tuba: Samples are Great!
ProjectSam Timpani: This Timpani is Perfect for it's own articulations! (Warning: This Timpani is in different layers though!)
Harpsichord: Perfect for Continuo Parts, Even the Same Samples for Coupled Harpsichord and Grand Harpsichord when playing even louder!
VSCO Pipe Organ, Loud and Quiet, with Pedal: Amazing Organ I've ever heard, and perfect for the Continuo Part also in Baroque Music! (Warning: You need to create two organ parts, one with the 2 staffs, and the other one with the pedal staff only!) And also, Use the Quiet Stops for Soft Passages in Baroque Music, and the Loud Stops for Louder and Faster Passages in Baroque Music!
GeneralUser GS Celeste, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Marimba, and Xylophone, (Or GS for Short): These instrument samples are a good idea than the regular Fluid Samples!
Crotales: A SoundFont on which ChurchOrganist created.
Timpani from SGM: Normal Timpani just in case.
Tubular Bells: I don't know where that SoundFont came from, Oh well. But it has good samples.

Bank 1:

Alto Flute SSO
UOI Bass Clarinet
UOI Eb Clarinet
Contrabassoon SSO
Recorder: From No Budget Instruments. Great Recorder Samples!
SGM Horn Section: Good for Tutti Passages.
Female and Male Choir Separated.
Irina and Pavel Brochin. Good for Solo parts in Choral Music.

Bank 128:

Orchestral Drum Kit
Mellow Orchestra Kit from SquidFont Orchestral: (Warning! Not like the other one!)

Wish List: Harp Dynamics, Better Samples from Richard Thomas, Solo and Sections everything! ALL INSTRUMENTS you can request for better replacements!

Let me know what you think about ALL of the Instruments and you can comment about them, the SoundFont itself, and feel-free to Post a LOT of Compositions using the SoundFont for MuseScore!


Yeah, I noticed that you didn't have a Viola Section. I'm currently uploading some SF that I have acquired, that I think might help.

BTW, what does UOI mean? What does VSCO mean also?

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