[MusicXML] Thumb not exported

• Jul 24, 2012 - 05:04
P1 - High
S3 - Major

1. Create new score.
2. Enable 'Note Entry'.
3. Enter note.
4. Disable 'Note Entry'.
5. Drag 'thumb' onto note.
6. 'Export'.
7. Choose 'MusicXML'.
8. 'Save'.
9. Open MusicXML.

Result: Thumb is missing.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (15e2ad8) - Mac 10.7.4.


Support for thumb symbol was added some time ago, as of today it works OK.

One minor issue: a spurious error is reported on the console when exporting. Will fix that shortly, referring to this issue.

Weird, on my SUSE system it works OK. Could you:
- create an mscz file with a thumb
- export that as xml
- import xml
- export (both as mscz and xml)
And finally attach all four files ?
That may explain why it does not work for you.

Thanks, this explains the issue.

Your thumb symbol apparently was generated from the "Symbols" palette (in the MuseScore file it is attached to the note as a symbol named "scripts.thumb"), while I use the thumb symbol found in the "Articulations & Ornaments" palette, which ends up in the MuseScore file as an articulation with subtype "thumb". The first one is not handled by the MusicXML exporter, the second one is.

When I export your step1.mscz as MusicXML, I don't get a "thumb" in it either.

For reference I have attached a file with "thumb" articulation (both in MuseScore and MusicXML format, both should be imported with "thumb") plus a screenshot of my palette setup. Am I correct in understanding your symbol palette contains more symbols including "thumb" ?

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That means the fix is to change the fingering palette: dragging the thumb symbol should result in adding an articulation thumb instead of a symbol thumb.

Status (old) fixed active

Reset to active, as 0190a70c82 only fixes a spurious error message (comment #1), the actual cause still needs to be fixed (see comment #7).

Frequency Few
Priority P1 - High
Regression No
Reproducibility Always
Workaround No

Still the case with master.

Indeed. Note that it is, IMHO, incorrect to classify this as a MusicXML issue. The real (design) issue is that the master palette allows adding symbols to the score without any interpretation. The score looks looks correct, but MuseScore does not interpret the added symbols. This is an issue for any exporter, including playback. We had a similar issue recently, where a TAB staff did not work correctly because it did not have a clef, but had a TAB clef symbol instead.

I strongly believe the (probably non-trivial) structural solution would be to fix the drag and drop from the master palette: it should interpret the symbol being dropped and add the correct meaning. Thus a thumb symbol should be added as an articulation instead of as a symbol.