More Stretch/Spacing with Horizontal Frame

• Jul 20, 2012 - 16:19

I'm trying to create a separation in the last system of a piece for a Coda. I'm able to use the Horizontal Frame to do this, which works well. The only problem is that the measures on this last system are for some reason compacted more than necessary when I add the frame.

For example, if there are only three measures in the final system, they'll normally be spread out to cover the entire system. But when I add a HF between them, then they all of the sudden get compacted, leaving a bunch of the final system as open space at the end.

I've attached a file to show what I mean.

I've tried using the "More Stretch" feature, and it acts strangely. It won't react for about the first 10 or 15 times I push it, but then it will all of the sudden stretch it out a good bit and push the final measure off the page onto the next one.

What's my malfunction?


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Style -> Edit General Style -> Page - Last system fill threshold. By default this is set to 30%; reduce it to 10% and this fixes the problem.

I think the frame is a red herring. The last system is only stretched out if the system exceeds the fill threshold mentioned above. Soecen without the frame, it's common to see the last system very compacted. I often use a horiztonal frame at the end of the piece to correct that. I don't always want the measures stretched out to fill the entire width of the page - what if it is just one of two measures? So I append a frame and size it to take up the amount of of space I want to leave, allowing the measures on the system to fill out to the left edge of the frame.

I think the frame DOES have an effect but not the intended one. I think MuseScore isn't measuring the whole of the last system heew when deciding whether to fill to the end or not but just measuring the bit after the frame which would explain why it doesn't fill when set to 30% in this case but does when the threshold is lowered to 10%.

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