Rhythmic question

• Jul 20, 2012 - 05:58

I've imported a MIDI file, and the piece uses a repetitive rhythmic pattern in the bass that goes:

dotted quarter and then an 8th tied to half note

However, when MuseScore opened this midi file, it chose to write this rhythm as:

quarter tied to 8th, half note tied to 8th

I don't like this notation, as it doesn't show the middle of the bar and is very counter-intuitive to read (IMO).

However, it's quite tedious to go through and change each measure. The pitches change throughout, so I can't copy and paste measures very much at all.

Is there some kind of way to tell MuseScore to show the middle of the measure or change the default rhythm selections?



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There is nothing that can be done in MuseScore 1.2. You could try to get a better MusicXML file from the MIDI file with another tool. If you can code, or can motivate someone to code, the MIDI import function of MuseScore could use some love for next version. Dealing with beats will be a great addition.

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