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• Jul 19, 2012 - 21:04

I'm working on a new part and I'm using 1st and 2nd endings for parts in my music, but for parts that I don't want to play first time, I don't know any way to make them not (except for expanding the score, copying parts, and pasting it into more bars). I have searched for an answer, and I'm not too sure there is one.


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My problem is inbetween the start of the repeated phrase and the voltas. In that section, I have instruments in which I want them to play only for the 2nd repeat. I've attached a photo of what I've done. In real life, the musicians would know not to play until after the repeat, however, I'm looking for a way for musescore to be able to do this and for it to work. I can get rid of it and make the music play the way I want it to by copying the repeated parts, and having the selected instruments only play during the second half of those measures. However, this will create a very long score. If there isn't an answer, I will go ahead with expanding the score.

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See my reply from yesterday. No, you cannot do that within MuseScore. If getting that right in the computer playback is important for some reason, you could either epxand the repeats manually via copy and paste, or generate a MIDI file and then edit it in a MIDI sequencer. Assumng you eventually plan to human musicians play it, I can't think of any advantage to expanding the repeats manually. I'd either live with playback ipthat isn't 100% accurate or else do the MIDI editing if for some reason having that right in playback was important. But no way would I make it harder for human musicians - and writing it out twice has that efrect - just to get the computer playback right.

I think you are correct - voltas allow the endings to be different, but no way currently to have sections not under a volta differ between repeats. That's the sort of things you might have to patch up with a MIDI sequencer if the computer playback is important enough to be worth the trouble. Seems that having some sort of element that could be attached to a phrase to specify which time(s) it should be played would be a nice enhancement.

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I'd welcome this kind of feature for the playback. But after all, MuseScore is for writing sheet music. When we request for these kind of features, it only shows how good the playback function already is. But if you want a good computer generated audio of your score, you should use dedicated software for it.

One feature that could help here would be a function that expands repeat sections by duplicating them and deleting the repeat marks. Say you have a 32 bar section that is repeated. Then you figure out you want to make lots of changes in some parts for the repeat. You would mark the 32 bar section (something like click on start-repeat, shift-click on end-repeat), then run the function. After that you have a 64 bar section - two identical 32 bar sections, and you would continue doing the changes in the bars 33 - 64.
This kind of function would ease up the expanding of the score just for creating the audio file that would have the requested "2nd time only" thing.

It's shocking that this is something people have been asking for since 2012, and there's never been so much as a "we'll look into it." The MuseScore staff constantly miscalculate just how vital the midi playback is for a composer, and more importantly, for students. "We're not a midi making program" is the standard reply. (Translation: we don't care about what your students need!) The mods also seem to be extremely sheltered musicians. My drum corps buddies all had a laugh at one thread where the mod had no clue what's "a drum line" and what perplexed by the idea of tonal bass drums. This led to jibes that this must be a choir or orchestra kid from a private school, and we had to gently explain "yes, drums ACTUALLY CAN DO THAT. Yes, we ACTUALLY DO need to write in all those symbols. They're quite common in drum corps."

It shouldn't take ELEVEN YEARS and hundreds of people asking for this feature, especially when other music writing softwares have it already. The best workaround so far is to unroll it and rewrite everything in order to play how you want it to sound, making a 2nd file just for the midi playback, saving the midi, and give that version to the students... which is annoying as a composer (I go by SOUND, not SIGHT, I need to HEAR IT) and it has led to me accidentally writing over my main score with the unrolled version... which sucked big time. You get what you pay for, I guess.

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