Can't work out what I've done...

• Feb 13, 2017 - 09:56

I decided to engrave some technical piano exercises for personal use (eyesight problems due to cateracts)

Image 1 (myfile) shows how I wish it to be laid out - bars 46 to 49

image 2 (myfile2) shows what happens when I insert an 'end start repeat', a double bar line, or change key/time signature. I have also tried to take out the line breaks

I have tried to use 'bar properties' - layout stretch, and can't seem to solve the problem
(the layout stretch did work on previus occasions)

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Ah. Ok

I have managed to fit in similar bars on the previous and current page though haven't I?
(well, I thought I had :) )
So can it be done? if so, how?

If not then I'll have to find a different technique.

I was simply trying to faithfully reproduce the orignal as accurately as possible :)

oh well!

thanks for trying anyway

Oh the time signature of 2/4 was not in the orignal...
The book of exercises is quite old... so

Thanks for that... I will try and play around with the different values...

It would be useful to be able to solve it, in case someone requests that I specifically engrave music for them in a certain way (I hope that makes sense)


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