Difficult to delete repeat marks

• Jul 9, 2012 - 00:14

After dragging the "./." repeat mark to a measure, I often later find that it is hard to delete, and I wind up needing to delete the measure. Sometimes the problem is just a 'phantom delete' i.e. it's gone but still appears on the screen; that's easy to deal with. But sometimes I can keep selecting and deleting it and nothing changes.

In addition, note entry skips over measures with repeat marks, rather than replacing the repeat which is what one would expect. Not sure if I'm missing something obvious here, or perhaps this has already been noticed with other hard-to-delete glyphs like 8va lines.

UPDATE: Never mind, I see I need to select the measure rather than the repeat glyph. Kind of unexpected but OK now that I know. (Though I do believe it was sometimes deleting when I only had the repeat selected itself.) At any rate, I still think that note entry should replace the repeat.

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