OCR - optical character recognition

• Jul 2, 2012 - 08:33

There is a chance to create a plugin that take a pdf or other images and recognize them to make a partiture?


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It should be noted that there about 1000 caveats with this sort of technology - it's more of a research project than anything that youcan expect to just plug in and have working. And that's true not just of this particular solution but pretty much all similar systems. Music is just too complex to really do a great job with except on cases simple enough that you could enter the music yourself just about as easily.

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I have just started using Audiveris. As expected, it gets some things wrong. These could easily be corrected in MuseScore if MuseScore could allow editing of items without regard to their musical significance. For example, all the notes are in the correct positions, but the clef sign is wrong. I would like to be able to just change the treble clef sign to a bass clef sign without anything else changing. Perhaps this could be achieved by having a special Paste on the Edit menu? It should need hardly any new code, just an IF to skip the clever things that happen on a paste.

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