pdf import results in "ghost" rest

• Feb 9, 2017 - 00:45


I imported a pdf using MS website, and the sheet music it produced is more or less accurate. Except in a few places I have "ghost" rests, greyed out, that I cannot get rid of. In the attached pictures you can see the "ghost" rests in measures 17 & 18 in the bass clef. In the other attached picture of the piano roll you can see no notes are present for the measures 17 & 18, despite the fact that if I play the sheet music, notes are definitely played in those measures. How do I get rid of the rests and get the notes in the sheet music to show up in the piano roll? Thanks!


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These "ghost rests" are rests the import decided are in voice 1 but not played. It has made them invisible to make you see what is intended. Go to view invisible on the menu and they will disappear.

Sometimes these are correct - the music really does have multiple voices with some rests hidden. In which case, you don't need to do anything - the "ghost" rests are for screen display only while editing but don't print. More often than not, though, if you see these after a PDF import, it means the PDF importer messed up, assigning notes to the incorrect voice in the first place, and tried to cover its tracks by hiding voices. In which case, you really need to go in and fix the errors yourself, re-entering the bars in question.

Generally, we can provide better help if you attach actual scores, not just pictures.

Now that I've thought more about it, the notes in the bass staff are probably entered into the treble staff and moved down into the bass. If you click a note, it should tell you something like

Note; Pitch: D3; Duration 8th; Voice 2; Measure 17; Beat 1; Staff 1

That would explain the lack of notes in the piano roll.

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