• Jun 7, 2012 - 22:15

I logged out & now I don't see anywhere to log back in. Can anybody help? Thanks.


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Not on this site (musescore.org); you have to be on musescore.com. The top right is a menu: Dashboard | My Profile | Settings | Help | Log Out. At least, that's what it looks like once you've logged in. But it has to be musescore.com, not musescore.org. The ".org" site is here, where the support forums for MuseScore are. The ".com" site is where the core upload and sharing stuff is. Two totally different sites, with totally different logins.

My free introductory offer is up today and I can find nowhere, and I mean nowhere on the internet to purchase Musescore Pro. I may have to switch to Sebalious or Finale

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But note, MuseScore Pro is a score sharing service, it has nothing to do with actually using the MuseScore notation software. You can run MuseScore just fine with or without a Pro account on the score sharing site. Switching to Finale or Sibelius won't change anything except to reduce the size of your bank account :-).

Me, too. I just paid the subscription fee a few days ago. Now it’s asking me to subscribe or have a free trial. This sucks.

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Probably you got logged out somehow. Just log back in and you should be good to go. But if you have further issues with that website - MuseScore.com - best to ask there on that site, and not here, because really no one here on this site is able to help much beyond things like suggesting you make sure you are logged in over there.

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