"Play repeats" behavior

• Jun 5, 2012 - 17:47

Suddenly yesterday the transport toolbar came up in a new session with the repeats disabled. Until then it had always been enabled by default for new sessions. I tried starting it by association with my scores, all of which had the repeats enabled the last time they had been saved, but that didn't correct the problem.

Here's what finally corrected it: I re-enabled the repeats in the transport bar, brought up the Edit/Preferences dialog, and changed nothing, but simply hit the OK button. This apparently must have either saved my "play repeats" setting, or perhaps corrected something in the .INI file. I tried to use the same technique to stop my zero'd reverb and chorus settings in the synthesizer from being changed between sessions, but that didn't work the same way. Reverb and chorus keep getting re-enabled in the next session, and if I forget to disable them again, the playback is distorted, as discussed in a previous thread.

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