Make custom palettes based upon advanced workspace default to not enable editing

• Feb 4, 2017 - 12:31
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Custom palettes are TOO easy to edit. If you drag an item and accidentally drop it, the order of items is changed. That usually isn't too big of a deal except for two things. One, I cannot get used to the order the item are in to easily find them when this continually happens. Two, when the items get reordered, it is very difficult to tell the difference between the french clef and standard G clef (when you have bad sight it's also difficult to tell what number is above or below a clef). I have added the wrong clef to many pieces of music and then looked at may last few measures of work and wondered what I did. Of course I eventually figured it out. I realize I can right click the palette to disable editing, but accidental edits should not be so easy. You should have to tell MS that you want to edit a palette rather than edit being the default mode.



Unfortunately you can't edit you initial request, so here is something I wanted to say. Every time you open MS, it forgets that you went through and set each palette to disable editing and it is once again enabled. This is not good.

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My feeling is that while the built in palettes should default to not editable (and this is what the Handbook is referring to), newly added ones should default to editable. Otherwise, it's an extra step you always have to perform after adding a palette before you can actually use it.

On the other hand, that doesn't necessarily mean I want all the *default* palettes to become editable just because you created a custom workspace. So maybe that's what you actually mean? Not all custom palettes - which could include ones you add to your workspace yourself - but the versions of the *default* palettes that initially populate your custom workspace? As far as I can tell, this is already the case - on initial creation, the palettes in your custom worksapoce are *not* editable.

However, they do indeed *become* editable on exit / restart, so maybe that is the actual bug here?

The excerpt is from the custom palette description.

All palettes in a custom workspace default to allow editting. If you change it, close MuseScore and open it again, the palettes will once again be set for editting.

Hmm, that's not how it works for me. If I create a workspace, the palettes that initially populate it are *not* editable. I did the following:

1) select Advanced workspace
2) press "+" button
3) enter a name
4) OK
5) right click the Barlines palette (or any palette)

Result: "Enable editing" is *not* checked.

So again, for me, these palettes are *not* enabled for editing by default. But it is true that if I exit MuseScore and restart, they do *become* editable.

Are you saying you see something else when following my steps above?

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I don't remember if when I first made my custom workspace in 2.0.3 if the palettes started in edit mode or not. I know that now, they all open in edit mode.

I just made a custom workspace in 2.1-RC and the palettes were created in edit mode. I tested as least 5 of them, but not all.

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So, to be 100% clear: just today, you followed the exact series of steps I listed above, and when you right clicked the Barlines palette, the "Enable editing" option was checked?

Hmm. As mentioned, I cannot reproduce this. Have you tried a Revert to Factory Settings? Is there anything unusual about your user account that might cause permissions issues in the folders where MuseScore is trying to store information?

Title Make custom palettes default to not enable editing Make custom palettes based upon advanced workspace default to not enable editing
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I finally (sort of) wasted 2 hours reverting to factory settings. This of course means redoing all of my shortcuts I've been using for years and changing the other preferences I have.

I created a custom palette from the basic* palette and cussed MuseScore because I can't delete it without reverting to factory settings...again. I won't do it. That custom workspace defaulted to not being able to edit palettes. Problem is, it doesn't have all the palettes I want, and no way from the master palette to add some of the grace notes not included in the basic palette.

I then made a custom palette from the advanced* palette. Those palettes defaulted to enable editing, with no option of turning it off.

BTW, I figured I was upgrading from 2.1-RC to 2.1 so I'd just go ahead and try to make it the way I want, so this is in the 2.1 released today.

* For anyone who does not know, when you have Basic displayed and press + you get a custom palette based upon basic. If
Advanced is displayed you get a custom palette based upon Advanced.

In any case it is possible to delete custom workspaces without resorting to a factory reset, no matter whether it was derived from the Basic or the Advanced workspace