All caps option for text style

• Feb 1, 2017 - 22:25

It would be useful for templates and text generated from meta data tags to have the option to set a text style as All-Caps.


In OpenOffice and LibreOffice it's possible to change the text (uppercase, lowercase and so on).
Maybe a partnership with one of these suites?
It's a good option for some people who read better all-caps: select all text and ask the software to change the text.

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Agree. Capitalization should ideally part of the style. E.g. I like section names in ALLCAPS for some fonts & layouts, but not in others.
Partnership is probably not necessary or helpful here. ;) But would rendering require more than a pass through a function like "toupper()"?
(And do small capitals require a special font? CSS, LibreOffice etc have it. B/c I'd love to see that as well... ^^)

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