Staff properties: Apply/OK does not update changes to previous staves

• Jan 26, 2017 - 15:46
Reported version
S4 - Minor

2.1-dev (4a34643) / Win 7

1. Open an ensemble score.
2. Right-click on the first staff and make a change, say, to the instrument name.
3. Press the down arrow to access the next staff. Make another change to the instrument name.
4. Click Apply or OK

Expected result: All staves are updated
Actual result: Only the last-edited staff is updated.

It seems you have to press "Apply" after editing each staff to be sure that the change is saved before moving on to the next staff.


Same for the measure properties dialog, indeed (only difference: it is left/right, not up/down there)
So you have to change, apply, next staff/measure, change, apply, next.... Pretty annoying

this exact situation you described here is a safety feature of interface --see? you *must to perform all those confirmation actions* and that is *SAFETY REQUIEREMENT*
i agree with you dear friends: 'that is overwhelming burden on a user (and on a designer of that interface)'
personally me just crashes usually.. i cannot withstand even slightest overload to my attention (some one did called my state ADHD)
but if you would imagine me *without 'THAT SAFETY DIALOG' during MY EVERYDAY practise* you would soonly find me laying at a floor in front of my laptop..

i would add (not a joke to a programmer): 'that is not a kind of *guy with an axe*' (who is ready to enact his device if something did went wrong) (i readed something like that at wikipedia when was learning design)