new feature for our forums` rendering engine --sorting answers by timestamp

• Jan 24, 2017 - 11:23

(me is not sure from which forum this request is so i post here)
i use posting style that could be unconvenient to all you friends got accustomed with posting here in internet: i post my reply not by my time of reply in place where it would be expected but under post attracted my attention and sometimes even reply being 'pushing corresponding button' at MY OWN POST for to reply TO A POST FROM ANOTHER PERSON. and that is just only to keep conversation-like layout.
that looks neat --just like in some books.. but times are mismatched --one could be distracted easily (especially when reading much in lack of free time).
so could be some sorting by time of posting implemented? --i would try to propose some 'graph-like' lines to link newly-sorted entries to topic`s comments under which they were posted.
maybe that is huge overhead however.. so do not take my style-compliance (ha just like some boss said that in huge bank`s pr office) request to you seriosely --i would try to read your answers at first

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