artifacts in drum notation in ver.2.0.2 brought by score from ver.1.3

• Jan 24, 2017 - 10:14

hi me is a writer and i do like musescore and that one gives me freedom in my style delopment which could not be if not using your application. but me is a bassist and mostly i do not learned about notation much. and i did not even readed manual or books on notation rules being starting with my composer`s activity --all i got was a year of rare lessons in primary musical school in year-fifteenth-ago. me was twenty two then and i was learning solfege and by speciality of saxophone (despite of my big frontal teeth and despite of desire to play bass; i was playing my wooden alto flute then but they were without bass class in that post-sovietian school in tiny crimean village).

i was going to make a gift to my sister which is our drummer and wrote my single drum line for one of our themes. it was difficult to me to even input those notes: me got initial note somehow and was either copying that either repeating that action to get that again; then me was pushing its pitch forth-and-back for to obtain desired tone; then was doing 'undo' to return to initial sound at that beat; then switched its pitch to get desired instrument and articulation. see me was not reading a manual. after i got completed bars i copied them to whole staff. i applied velocities (even calling them 'dynamics' which could be wrong term i do not know that) manually because copy-paste feature was not implemented to do that.

then after my update to ver.2 (shortly after its release) from ver1.3 me found strange issue with one of beats. it was note sharing a head with its unison despite me was not seeing that in ver.1.3. that was for all that 'double time' part and i could not hear if it sounds as written.. maybe some of my 'switch-undo-recreate-undo-switch_again' steps produced wrong data for your file format.
then i was distracted by that issue very and abandoned ver.2 for to return to ver.1.3 in which i continued with composing that theme and other ones.
i attach a screenshot to ease your navigation and that is starting from 25th bar when that double time occurs in my 'amelanchier' theme. also there are two files because one is maybe with ugly page layout (i wrote about that in post telling on file opening with a warning on wrong number of beats) but another one created in ver.2.0.2 gives that opening error after correcting 'hanging over' notes.
i used musescore ver.1.3 to compose that score and ubuntuStudio and musescore ver.2.0.2 (now) to my everyday working.


Version 1.3 had a bug where if you entered two notes on the same pitch, it would not show you both noteheads. 2.0 fixes this and shows you both noteheads as is correct. So probably you *accidentally* entered the note twice, and the bug in 1.3 prevented you from noticing the mistake. 2.0 is now showing you the mistake in your score that has been present all along. Just delete the extra note and all should be well.

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oh marc me is very very thankful to you for your answer.
even though zen tell 'to doubt and to break' that ambiguity was very heavy load ('gidan' jap.) to me.
now i tell you that you were true --me inputted *two notes* at that place (and me was not true telling *ver.2 brought typesetting artifacts with it* many times on several occassions).
thank you once more friends. ver.2.0.2 (ubuntu is without newer release at repository) is just very beautiful one

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