a score from ver.1.3 gives error at opening that in ver.2.0.2

• Jan 24, 2017 - 09:24

i am not sure that is a bug.. me guesses me did seen 'similar warning message' already. maybe that was during my first-time switch to musescore ver.2 but then me swiched back to ver.1.3 shortly (because of different 'strange feature' in notation which would be posted separately under topic 'artifacts in drum notation in ver.2.0.2 brought by score from ver.1.3').
i was away from my musescore writtings for quiet long time and after a year or about that me decided to return to musescore ver.2 ignoring those distracting me artifacts.

but i found that my file is not loaded smoothly and got a warning saying terrible hello: 'measure 84 staff 8 incomplete. expected 7/4; found 564/320'
i did very simple layot editing before to save my score in v.2: me changed page settings to landscape orientation (i used B3 format) --but i worked in v.1 somehow and *notes were aligned* to margins yet. (after all those monthes away from my job me cannot tell you how me mastered with those layout issues then and even in which form they existed then).
i did something similar to another my score from ver.1.3 few minutes ago but it was opened as correct one in both cases of 'plain dummy' saving and of saving after changing page settings; but there are no drum notes at that corresponding staff in that score.
that 'amelanchier' is my only writting with drums because me is a bassist --i cannot check if that reproducible issue with my drum notation.

certainly that is easy to me to tell me went wrong by myself but that is not neccesarily true answer. anyhow me was developing some technique to input all those drum notes and neither readed manual how to do that nor composed for drummer before..

i use ubuntuStudio xenial and musecore ver.2.0.2 revision 3543170 and before that was ver.1.3.

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It is not a bug in 2.x, but in 1.x.
2.x only finds and reports those corruptions (that in this case 1.x introduced), so don't shoot the messenger ;-)
To fix this see https://musescore.org/en/node/54721

And better upgrade to 2.0.3...

Hmm, maybe not 1.x's fault, the score you last saved with 1.3 is not corrupt, the one you last saved with 2.0.2 is:
Measure 84 Staff 8 incomplete. Expected: 7/4; Found: 564/320

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oh sure i was not going to 'liquidate' your error handler.. but i just was worried if my theme`s material was affected by that mistake and would it be possible to use my song at all. see i do not know about notation much.
now i would read from post you proposed to. thank you jojo. i would try to do workaround for that bug.

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So you opened the 1.3 files in 2.0.2, changed page orientation, saved, closed, reopened and got the corruption message?

Edit: seems to be the case, at least with that I can reproduce the issue and even with 2.0.3 and a prerelease 2.1, and changing the page orientation isn't needed to trigger it, just open, save, close, open

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yes it was so with that 'amelanchier' theme but corruption was not encountered with 'photos' theme which i tried for both save-reopen and modify_layout-save-reopen --BUT THERE ARE NO DRUMS there in 'photos' theme. it is quiet complex though; but i do not remember if that theme uses tuplets at some point too..

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oh babes i do not understand instructions in post https://musescore.org/en/node/54721 and would it be sounding 'just as i composed that before'? me cannot count.. i do my writing intuitively --i cannot even count playing my bass. could you explain me how to do that please (to repair a score or to fix file`s issue)?
i cannot count for longer time than 'two' would be said.. that is my natural state. oh

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i was programming a little too.. but i learned language for beginners: 'kTurtle'. there was some rounding error too. i introduced a workaround in my script (not to ide which is in qt/c++). it worked for my application but looked very very distracting --code readability dropped to nullth point.
my app was 'shift to integer' function if you would be interesting. multiply floating point number to factor of value '10^n' and you would get a cue on my script purpose --i was discarding digits at right side of the dot

edit: i cannot find my bookmarks in my xenial because my qt/kde interfaces went wrong after upgrade to xenial. maybe my explanation of script`s purpose is more distracting then clarifying but i cannot find my files (.turtle scripts) one more time now

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