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• Jan 18, 2017 - 22:53

Hi there! I understood from various posts that I cannot "drag systems" graphically across the score, nor can I *decrease* the distance between staves.
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Is there any way to correct the following score?
1. I want the first page to contain one more system (the first one on the following page), perhaps there is a way to control the number of systems in a page without breaks? In Finale I can force for instance 4 systems in a page,
2. to tighten the single first system - decrease distance between its staves,
3. and graphically drag the first system up slightly higher? I tried changing the frame above it but I need to somehow readjust the upper stem margin.
Thanks in advance!'



It's not true that you can't decrease distance between staves. You can, in a number of ways, depending on the specific staves involved. We'd need more information - the actual score and a clear description of what you want to do, in order to help more.

Based on your picture, I don't think decreasing distance between staves is a good idea. Your first page *already* shows staves too close together, at least for the bottom two staves. And your systems are *definitely* too close together - there is less space between the systems than between msot pairs of staves within the systems.

You might be able to reduce the lyric bottom margin slightly to bring the top staff in closer, but I really wouldn't recommend it. Instead, I'd suggest simply downscaling a bit - changing the staff size to be a bit smaller. A small change to the scaling would allow more systems to fit and then you could fix some of the awkward spacing already present.

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I actually am glad with the spacing I made for all staves and systems - except the first and fourth systems. In the first I should be able to singularly make the staves closer without affecting the rest of the document, and the fourth stem should be able to fit in the first page.
I also cannot find the "rescaling" by percentage option in style>general or layout>page setting for some reason.
Pflicht und Liebe C Minor.mscz

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