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• Jan 16, 2017 - 13:30

As you know, Musescore allows you to scale your music up or down to fit the dimensions better. All you do is go to Layout -> Page Setting and there is a scaling option. However this scales the entire score. If I wanted to have a smaller scaling on the first page than all the rest do to the title, how would I go about that. In a score I'm working on, the margins on the second page are huge, and I want to reduce those without my entire first page splitting into two, the score and the title. This is really messing up the way I want my score to look. Thanks for all the help.


Page margins have nothing to do with the space setting (or scaling). But either are valid for the entire scoe (the latter thogh can be different for even and odd pages).
I guess you're not talking about those though, so please elaborate what you really mean and if possible attahc the score shound this unwanted behavoir

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The problem I'm having is not with the set margins, but the ones created when the score is not scaled as big as it could be. In the score I'm attaching, you can see how perfectly everything fits on the first page but since this piece has a big title section, and I don't want that extra space used by the title ending up on the other page just being useless space.

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If the number of instruments and and the sizing make it so that one system fills each page, then in my (admittedly limited and random) experience "I want the music to fill the entire page until it hits the set margins" is always done. Screenshot of two pages side by side from this PDF :

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 5.43.08 PM.png

Notice how it's the same number of staves, and the margins line up, but in between it varies according to which staves need more room.

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So? You can't have different paper size on page 1 vs all others. So if something nicely fits on page 1, like here title frame and one system, it won't fill page 2 and following upper to lower page boundray, that frame's height will be left on the bottom of those pages. Unless you increase the staff distance on all but the 1st pages, which is what I did using spacers (or reduce on 1st page, which we could do, with #61041: Negative staff spacer in the next major version)

Just found this thread after making a post asking for the same thing https://musescore.org/en/node/303072

Still waiting to see if we'll ever have this problem fixed so making scores look professional doesn't take an unnecessarily long amount of time due to having to adjust individual staff spacers across dozens of pages of music hosting as many as 30 separate staves

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Why not have the two -- at least for the time being -- be mutually exclusive? Where you click a bubble like in Swing Settings where you can have either one of the two settings active, but not both simultaneously, to determine if you adjust min/max system spacing or min/max staff spacing? Alternatively, why not have staff spacing result in systems or system spacing being moved if both were to happen simultaneously. In this sense, staff spacing interacts with system spacing like how system spacing interacts with system spacing. I personally am not a programmer, so I apologize if this all seems very much in the "easier said than done" category of things, but hopefully these suggestions make sense.

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That's not a bad idea at all, but it doesn't completely address the issue, I don't think. For scores that are mostly one system per page but sometimes have multiple systems (e.g., an orchestra score that reduces to strings only for a while) it seems likely to not produce ideal results. And there is still the more fundamental issue to resolve that I've described elsewhere: until we've determined how many systems will fit on the page, we don't know whether it makes sense to add space between staves or not. And by the time we've decided how many staves will fit, it's already past the time when staff distances are set. We could possibly recalculate those pages only, but that does start to get messy, because lots of things depend on being done in a particular order.

The one case I can see being pretty easy to solve, though, is this: a page that has only one system and that system includes a page break. Now we know as soon as we finish collecting that system that it is OK to stretch the staff distances. Then at least you'd only need to resort to spacers on the pages containing multiple systems. So, that idea has some promise. I suppose it might also be possible to add a property to the system break for the systems on those pages that allows you to override the staff distance just for that system., Hmm, that's definitely got some potential,. Still needs more thought, though.

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