A beginning :)

• May 8, 2012 - 19:05

By way of a beginning I have downloaded a set of piano samples from FreeSound originating in the Department of Music Technology at Iowa University.

If anyone would like copies, I will pack them up into an SFArk package and put them somewhere on my website for download, unless we can have an upload point here, the bandwidth may be too great, however, as we're talking an average sample size of over 2MB.

I am then intending to convert them all from Stereo to Mono, and then resample them down to 16bit from 24bit to cut size down.


Oh well - SFArk won't compress WAVs so I'm going the FLAC route - watch this space

Hmm - Flac is coughing on the sample format.

I now have a SOundFont with all the samples inside compressed to 7MB with SFArk

PM me if you want a copy

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