MuseScore API changes?

• Jan 15, 2017 - 15:28

Hello, have there recently been any MuseScore API changes? My Telegram bot for MuseScore @musescorebot , which I made a while ago and posted in this thread does not work anymore. Could there be any API changes or do those API tokens expire after some time?


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Thanks for the answer. My problem is that the bot suddenly does not show inline results for musescore queries anymore. However, since you say that you did not change anything, it will probably be a problem on the Telegram side (though I don't see any API changes there either for methods that I use). Will probably look into it later. Again thanks for your help. :)

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I fixed it now by myself.
The API was in fact changed. First of all the example URL on the documentation is wrong, you have to use… instead of…
I think this should be updated in the examples section.
Second, the json that is returned, if score.json is specified, was slightly changed too. The old json is now in a new member 'score'. So I had to first change to the member 'score' of the returned json, and could then work with the Json as I did before the change.
So with these changes implemented, the musescorebot is now working again :)

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