Reunion - a "jazz ballad" version of my demo score for 1.2

• Apr 30, 2012 - 18:20

I've received many nice comments on the demo score I wrote for MuseScore 1.2, "Reunion" - see:

One comment I have heard a lot - not just online, but also when I play the piece for people in person - is that it is too short. The brevity was intentional, since one of the original requirements was that the complete piano score should fit on one page. But between wishing it were longer myself, and also my natural inclination as a jazz musician to have a framework for improvisation rather than having everything completely notated, I have put together a lead sheet for a standard 32-bar AABA song form based on the original piano score to "Reunion". Here is that chart:

I premiered this at a performance last week. I started by playing the lead sheet version, including improvisation, but concluded by playing the original piano score (with just a couple of very small improvised alterations). Here is a video of that performance:


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