Distorted playback with multiple parts on staff

• Apr 29, 2012 - 02:53
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Playback was working fine until I added multiple parts (voices 1 and 2) in the bass cleff of a 4-stave score. Suddenly, the playback became distorted. I'm using a new Lenovo T420s laptop with Windows 7 64 bit.


Which MuseScore Version?

Have you checked the Synthesiser Windowto see whether your sound system is overloading??

The addition of even 1 voice, particularly in the Bass register can tip volume over the edge into overload if you haven't been careful with your mixer settings.

Also check the Reverb Return in that window to make sure that is not red-lining.

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I'm using MuseScore version 1.2, revision 5470.

I checked the synthesizer window. If overloading means going into the red, then that's not what's happening. It appears to be in the green.

Sound font is TimGM6mb.sf2.

I started a new document with 5 staves, but only two of the staves have any notes in them. The other three are still blank. See attached.

Dale R.

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The score plays fine on my system.

There is a known issue with the reverb return which causes distortion when left at the default setting on some systems.

Try altering the Reverb return control on the synthesiser page, while the piece is playing and see if that clears it.

You'll be pleased to know that this problem hasn't appeared yet in version 2.0, as the devs have altered the integrated synth settings.

Latest word I've heard is "hopefully by the end of the year", which I personally take to mean, likely the beginning of next". But I do think you'll find this was just a temporary glitch in your reverb settings. A few people seem to see that, but it always goes away when they touch the the reverb settings. If you have further problems of this nature, I'd suggest posting to the support forum and waiting to submit an issue until others on the forum report they can reproduce the problem. Unfortunately, problems like this tend to be hard to reproduce as they often depend on details of your specific system.

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I haven't experienced this in a long time, so I think I'm good for now. Thanks!

Dale R.