.desktop needs work

• Apr 27, 2012 - 15:44
S4 - Minor

I was testing Ubuntu 12.04 and when using Lenses, I bumped into a strange issue. I searched for "muse" which yields the MuseScore app, but when I type musescore, there is no result. However, muse score with a space in between does yield the MuseScore app. Also WYSI... yields MuseScore, referring to the wysiwyg acronym. So, what is Lenses using? the .desktop file.

The MuseScore repo has one: http://mscore.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/mscore/trunk/mscore/packaging/…

The list of all the keys in this desktop file: http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/ar01s05.html

Clearly, the info in this desktop file isn't really up to date. Let's improve it. Here is the link to a Google Doc so we can collaborate on it: http://bit.ly/KhtCyh


I agree that this needs work. There is only Russian and English and, for some reason, the Russian 'GenericName' field has 'Musescore' but the default has 'mscore'. The .desktop file should also be internationalized, shouldn't it?

I can do that. I won't be able to do any Internationalization though, only the English stuff. Is that OK?
I'm also not really sure how to submit a patch ;-)

Let's simply make a good English version of the .desktop file. If you have a proposal, simply post it in here or attach it.

OK. I'll have a look at it. I just had a look at the version in the git repo. It looks like it's been edited 8 months ago ;-). It is different than the version 1.2 .desktop though. I'm going to look at the .desktop standard definition and see if anything else needs to be added.