Slurs: integrate a text option to enable annotations for hammer ons (e.g. H) and pull offs (e.g. P)

• Apr 26, 2012 - 23:06
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Attached image taken from the explanation section of a song book (Credit: International Music Publications).

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This is for guitar notation.

It looks like a dotted slur, but despite the visual similarities, this maybe a different function.

Most of the time, Hammer-On and Pull-Off are represented by a classic slurs, sometime with letters above (H for hammer-on and P for pull off). The letters are not necessary, because the height of the notes give the nature of the used finger technique.

Note 1 < Note 2 : Hammer-On
Note 1> Note 2 : Pull-off

in each case, only the first note is plucked.

A comment which follows a question in general discussion (October 19) :

- For slides, there are special "lines" in the Palette "arpeggios and glissandis"

- For hammer and pull-off, use the slurs, as already wrote.

But it is true that the "words" or the abreviations "sl.", "P" and "H" are not implemented.

In Guitar Pro for example, it's only an option "StyleSheet -> Notation -> Add symbols" sl "," H "," P "
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There is a workaround easy enough with MuseScore

1) Create symbols in text edit mode. Then transfer these symbols in a palette of your choice (with Ctrl + Shift constant pressure), for example, "Fingering"

2) Now, you can reuse these symbols when you want.

Unfortunately, as you see in the previous picture, these symbols are not centered between the two notes (as does GP). Just because they are anchored to either the first or the second note. Too high also.

So, use the Inspector (F8) . Select "All Similar Elements" (right-click - Select etc.), and change as necessary the horizontal and vertical offset values​​.
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We should have support for Hammer-on and Pull-off when importing from Guitar Pro files of the appropriate formats. Is this bug highlighting that we do not have any support for adding hammer-on/pull-off notation from the palette? (Maybe we do that already, I can't remember off-hand but I'll check that out.) If that's the case then this should be an easy fix.

I hold [Shift+Ctrl] & click-and-drag text (created by [Ctrl+T]) onto ex. 'Fingering' palette, then release the mouse - nothing happens, that is, 'H' (for hammer-on) is not added to palette. What am I messing, sorry, missing? Lol

EDIT: OK, I figured it out:
1) create custom 'Workspace' - Edit - Workspaces - New...; name it and save
2) then do the above procedure, and text (or whatever element) is added to palette, where you drag it
3) hover over newly added element in palette, right-click 'Properties...', and give it a name
4) tap yourself on the shoulder, you are now a Master MS2 Workspace modifier

Have fun,
S love nia

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Title Hammer on and Pull off palette
Reported version 2.1 2.3

I thought I read in the handbook that we could create a fretboard diagram and then save it in a new custom palette by doing what you stated in this comment, but it isn't working for me. Any tips to help me would be much appreciated.

Title palette Hammer on / pull off

Please don't change the title of existing issue reports. Instead, post to the Support forum if you have questions about using MuseScore. Firs,t though, be sure to read the Handbook section on custom palettes and follow the instructions carefully, and if you continue to have problems, be sure to say at exactly what steps things go differently than you expect.

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Title Hammer on / Pull off palette

OR NOT!!!!! Why cant I create my own chord diagrams to be able to drag it to my score from my palette without having to edit it every single time? It seems like I can only add exsisting diagrams to my new custom palette. I thought I could add exsisting ones to my palette and then customize them making them handy and available to insert into my project. Whats the point of making a custom palette if its not custom? I must be doing something wrong!

Please add a hammer on and pull off for guitar tab. It is a common thing on guitar but does not exist on Musescore as of now, Feb 10, 2021.

+1 for this - just the ability to add a centred 'H' or 'P' or 'PO' or 'sl' above the existing slur and slide symbols would be very very useful for all fretted instruments.

I am truly a Musescore beginner, and on my third Musescore measure ever I ended up here after some googling. I don't think "sl" is needed, the slide line speaks for itself. But hammer on/pull off (H and P) is standard for what I write (guitar tabs) and it would be so much appreciated!

Gosh. STILL not implemented? Guys, this is so basic. Just a slur with an added centered 'H' or 'P' graphic. Still don't understand why it's absent.

Title Hammer on / Pull off Slurs: integrate a text option to enable annotations for hammer ons (e.g. H) and pull offs (e.g. P)

A text box for slurs could be added to the Inspector—with properties "Text", "Font", "Size" and "Style" (like glissandos).

After browsing through the ridiculous number of symbols (steel hammer strike or pistol fire anyone?) it's truly bizarre that hammer ons and pull offs aren't in there.

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Simon (aum7 • Jul 23, 2015 - 23:14) ... I'm trying to follow your directions, but some step(s) seems missing. Can't replicate what you did with the steps you outlined. Your input is appreciated, sir! However, sometimes written procedures leave out some little bit of essential info that the writer (you, our expert) may think the reader will intuit. In this case, I'm as intuitive as a tree stump. ;-)

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Not that we need hundreds of symbols, but perhaps we could have a slide symbol with "S" or "sl." above it, or both, even though you don't find it necessary. Creating a dozen or so symbols would require effort, which would be appreciated, but you have people learning MuseScore for who-knows-how-many tab traditions. Would seem nice to add a few more than absolutely necessary, since other users will not understand the type of slide symbol to which you're accustomed.

And here we are a decade and several versions on still with no implementation.
It seems to me that the guitar notation in MuseScore is heavily focused on classical (small "c") notation and not modern pop/rock notation. A great number of modern guitarists don't read or know how the classical notation works. They rely on TAB to show them what to play. This feature is incredibly important for that reason. Slide has an easy workaround with the already implemented Gliss, but H & P are difficult and clunky to make work using existing tools.