MuseScore 1.2 gone tinny (Portable ver)

• Apr 20, 2012 - 18:20

Well in sound when playing the demonstration files. The previous version didn't. Possible clue: first bar first time often sounds OK but thereafter it's all tin. Perhaps starts when chords appear.



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I just meant, do a "save as" wav from within MuseScore and see if the problem is audible in that file. And if so, you should be able to post the file - somewhere like dropbox should work Or save as Flac, which has smaller file size, or convert to mp3 if you have software to do that.

Have you tried a fresh install?
(For testing you could temporarily rename your MuseScorePortable\Data folder as well, a new one with default settings will be created)
Do you have the same issue on multiple machines?

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I use Win7 on a small Medion E1222 laptop. Have done a total reinstall (blasted previous to smithereens). Still becomes tinny after a couple of bars. The earlier version (1 or 1.1) didn't have the same issue. Note this is the portable apps variety as found on

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It's a possibility it could be a driver problem.

There are known issues with the MuseScore sound sytem and some Realtek audio drivers.

Thankfully these have disappeared in version 2.0 :)

The other thing that springs to mind is to check the synthesiser page and see whether the Reverb return is turned up too high. If so, the Reverb will be creating a feedback loop which is overloading the sound system. If the reverb meter on that page is red-lining then that is probably the cause. The fact that this occurs a couple of bars in suggests that this could be the case.


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Setting all the synthesizer's effects to zero has been working for me 100% of the time in version 1.2, Michael, and the sound is just fine. What I still don't understand, however, is why those settings keep reverting back to the defaults. Aren't the user's settings here supposed to be saved? I've always assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that they are written to the MuseScore.ini file. Do they get saved in version 2.0?

The strange thing is that after restarting MuseScore, sometimes zero values are indicated and playback is OK, yet the sliders are in the center position. If I leave them that way, the next session usually starts off at 50% again.

BTW, I just checked both the Realtek website and Acer's (my computer is by Acer), to see if my audio driver needs to be updated, but I have the latest one.

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Sorry to belabor the point, as the issue has already been discussed ad nauseum, but I thought perhaps these screenshots might give the developers an idea of what's happening on this end. Screens 1 and 2 are the way the synthesizer dialogs look before I've adjusted the settings. Screens 3 and 4 show my adjustments, and screens 5 and 6 are what I see if I then restart MuseScore. As you can see, I'm getting erroneous values at this point, because those zero values should place the sliders at their far left positions.

Also, I suppose the "not implemented" option is for the next version, so the Save icon has no function at this point.

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