Is it possible to print more than one piece on a page?

• Apr 28, 2009 - 14:03

Hi there,

I only just found this program and as a piano teacher who is constantly creating excersizes for my students it looks like a god-send! My only question is whether or not it is possible to print more than one piece on a page. I mean, for example to print a page with a number of different scales on it, or with two short pieces of beginner music?

I cannot seem to figure this bit out. Other than that the documentation and program both seem quite good!



I see two ways of doing it.
1- Use OpenOffice and the open office extension for musescore. You will be able to add score in doc files.……
2- Using Musescore only and playing with Frame . You can have something like the attached score.

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Thank you. I do use open office, but have never actually added axtentions to it (although I have for firefox and thunderbird so I understand a little about how to do it and what they do). Where do I find the one to display scores in open office and where do I put it once I download it?


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