Disabling auto rest on midi output

• Apr 27, 2009 - 08:14

I use 0.9.4 Windows. When I export to midi using file - save a copy, I get a midi file with small rests appended between notes that have no rest in the score.

For example, suppose I have a C for 1/4 beat followed by D for 1/4 beat, in the midi file it becomes a C for 3/16 beat, followed by 1/16 rest, and then followed by D for 1/4 beat.

I need the midi output from MuseScore as an input for a voice sequencing program, so the automatic rests are undesired in this case. Is there any way to disable it?



Probably the easiest work-around is to select all the measure, open the articulations/ornaments palette, double click on the sustanuto mark, then save as MIDI.

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