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• Apr 26, 2009 - 02:05

There are several tempo changes in a score that I entered. But I cannot find them (there is no text label). They show up as items under the parent measure in the object inspector, but I can't figure out how to edit them. In particular, I would like to add text to make them visible, or delete them. I cannot figure out the properties of a tempo object from the object inspector; is the text label there, is the bpm there? The tempo seems to have a measure as a parent, despite the fact that it was originally entered with a link to a note. One tempo change occurs during the second playback in a repeated measure. See measures 72 and 92 of the attached score.

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I don't see tempo text in measure 72 but the tempo text "152" is attached to measure 71 and appears in the score. (It actually appears several inches above the measure).

In measure 92 the tempo text "126" appears twice. Four more copies of this text appear in the subsequent measures. Again it is several inches above the measure.

Thank you David. I can now find all of the tempo changes by looking at the object inspector descriptions of each measure. The multiple copies of tempo changes occurred when I would select a note in the Bass stave and add a tempo to it and drag the label above the top soprano stave. The tempo label would later display with the label far above the top stave. When the stave was at the top of a page, the label was not visible on the page. There is still a problem with an invisible tempo change that occurs during the second repeat of measure 93-94 in the attachment.

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If you have repeats enabled during playback that the tempo changes can happen at the wrong time in version 0.9.4 or earlier. Maybe this is what you are experiencing. As a work-around you can disable playback of repeats or try one of prereleases for the next version of MuseScore.

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