Four system wide measures don't compress

• Apr 23, 2009 - 00:14

I still have this problem even after upgrading from Version 0.9.3 to Version 0.9.4. [Windows XP]

I will select the four system-wide measures which are in the middle of my music piece (dotted or solid selection lines). Then I press Shift + - . There is nothing happening until several taps. With version 0.9.3, I remember doing something like 37 taps before anything would start to move. With version 0.9.4, I tapped 27 times before anything moved. When it moves, it compresses into the measure just before the first system wide measure. If I select system-wide measures 2 through 4, I can compress measure 2 into measure 1, making a system with two measures (1 plus 2). That's about the only success I have. Any more strategic manuvers seem to end up with measures overlapping each other adjacent to my selections. One strategic manuver I tried was to insert a measure between two of these system-wide measures, and then, try to compress the surrounding measures with the blank one in the middle (I think?). I somehow got three measures together with the blank one in the middle. I figured I could copy and paste measures and move them around like a shell game. But why make it that hard? I would be pleased if I could get those four long measures down to two systems with two measures each, though three measures in a system would be better.

Dave Davis


If the notes or measures start overlapping it means there really isn't space to fit them on one system.

You could scale the music smaller if it is absolutely essential to fit the music in a smaller space (Layout > Page Settings > Scaling)

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