Crashes and other bugs in r1644

• Apr 20, 2009 - 21:57

This software looks great, though I have a list of bugs I've come across. (Note, I realise that the prerelease versions will be unstable, but in my experience they are more stable than the latest "official" release 0.9.4, and I thought it would be more helpful to list problems in the latest versions.)

The following bugs all occur in both r1644 and r1375:

*Removing all staffs from an instrument, but not the instrument itself, causes a crash.

*Create two instruments with a single and double staff respectively. Removing the single-staff instrument then causes the instrument name of the double staff to show in the wrong place, and the single instrument name appears where the double one should be.

*Load bach-bc2 and remove the Trumpet - the bracket that was surrounding all of the first 4 instruments disappears. It also causes the instrument names to become mismatched (the staff at the top of the list is now the "Trumpet").

*Removing all instruments causes a runtime error.

*Load inv13.msc, go to Create Instrument, remove the second staff only -> Runtime Error.

*Load sonata16, add an Instrument (e.g., Piccolo), okay it, then delete the first (original) instrument -> Runtime error.

Also a quick feature suggestion - it would be nice if clicking on view window could move the view, rather than only allowing dragging? (I often find myself clicking to move it to a new location, and then remember I have to drag it, which is a slower action.)

[On another note, is there a reason why OpenID is supported on this site, but only if you sign up for a login here first? That main point of OpenID is to avoid multiple signups ... now that I've signed up with a new account, I might as well use this instead of OpenID:)]



Indeed there are a couple of openid issues with some providers such as Yahoo. This will be fixed for the next major upgrade of the website. Sorry for the confusion.

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