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• Apr 19, 2009 - 17:34

I have created a score. When I create parts, however, I want a larger note font.
In the styles menu, I found where to "relax" the measure spacing (very useful - but does not increase the font size).

Searching other posts, however, I see reference to "Scaling" on the "pages" tab of styles. However, I do not see anthing like "scaling" listed. After experimenting and trying various style settings, I have yet to increase the note size.

What might I be missing?

I am running pre-release 1619.


Ancillary note: the ability to increase the note - dot distance is very useful for parts where the notes were above or below the score.


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I no longer seem to be able to find how to increse the size of the notes.

When I follow these instructions, the only "scaling" operation I find is "Space" which changes the space between systems but has no effect on thew note size. I know I used to be able to do this.

XP SP3 r3128.


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It works well.

I have a question or 2.
1. Will this setting be kept if I save it as a part of a style?
2. I have been curious for some time as to why the Page Settings are in the Layout menu rather that in the style Menu? It seems to me that it belongs with all the other adjustments.


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Re: 1. - It seems to me that the default note size should be user-selectable and-savable. The charts I write are used in various lighting conditions so I prefer a slightly larger-than-present-default note size. It is also important to me to standardize as many aspects as possible. I hope this may be implemented. For me, the sooner, the better. :-)


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There are work-arounds for most problems, but that is not the same as have a feature. I know there is much to do but this seems such an important ability. For example, it could be moved into the General Style area and then would be savable. I hope this will be considered as a problem to solve.


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