tuplet number super small

• Jan 10, 2017 - 08:53

So I downloaded this file from musescore.com, and made some changes. So I wanted to create part scores, but the tuplet numbers are super small. How do I fix this? Re-entering the tuplets? Is there a quicker way?

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I've seen glitches like this happen occasionally with certain combinations of operations having to do with what order you do things in - adding the notes, creating the parts, and changing style settings. Particularly if the notes are added via copy & paste. Not sure if there exists an issue specifically for this. Sometimes the glitch fixes itself on reload. If you have precise steps to reproduce the problem, a formal bug report for the issue tracker would be nice.

I have often the same Problem, tuplets Good in the score and little and the part. I don't know why, but I found this, don't worry for the tuplets of the part, when your work on the part is finish, come back to the score, save it on MS, switch out MS, re-open it, look for your score, look for your part, and the tuplets ares became as tall than in the score. I surely do something wrong, at the beginning....

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