Instrument changes does not affect transposition (and crashes on reload)

• Mar 13, 2012 - 10:58
S2 - Critical

In all Nightly Builds i have tried, replacing an instrument with a transposing instrument will give trouble, When replacing an instrument with a transposing instrument, the notation will be expected to be transposed up or down according to the instrument. This works perfectly in Musescore 1.1 but not in al later versions i have tried. What happens is that the notes are unaltered but the playback pitch is transposed. In the latest (maybe all) Nightly builds the ordinary transposing tool does not work either.
But it looks great when the bugs are fixed.


Yes, MuseScore 1.2 is OK. I am testing the very promising Nightly Build versions and wonder why some basic functions like transposition does not work any more.

Greetings Poul Vagn Jensen

Have you tried saving the score, closing it, and then re-open it? It seems to change my tab clef but not my music clef. They both stay selected. The tab clef didn't get transposed until I clicked on the page. Save and reopen does make it appear correctly.

Title Transposing instruments [trunk] Transposing instruments
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BradleyRan and Xavierjazz: closing and reopening does not correct anything (in fact it crashes).

Tested using r. 5489 nightly, Windows 7

On Mac, 5489, save and reload after transpose entire score did crash the program but save, close, and open did work for me except the key signature didn't get updated. The chord named did get updated though.

Title [trunk] Instrument changes does not affect transposing (and crashes on reload) Instrument changes does not affect transposition (and crashes on reload)

By 'reload', do you mean the actual function, or just re-opening?

Status (old) needs info active

This is still a problem in 3a2361335f

  1. Create a score in C major for flute
  2. Add a couple of notes
  3. Right click the staff -> staff properties -> change instrument -> Bb trumpet

Expected result: notes are transposed like in 1.3
Actual result: notes are not transposed.

BradleyRan's crash is irrelevant here and should be filed in another issue if it still exists.

I don't think this bug is a feature request and a duplicate of #9352: Add ability to set transposition by range.
This bug affects a staff if the transposition property of the whole staff is changed; it is not simply a request for adjusting transposition in the middle of the piece because there is a mid-piece change of instrument.
If you want to see it this way, it is a "global" adjustment of transposition for the whole staff.
See #21744: Actual notes are changed if transposition properties are changed with Concert Pitch off and comments, which I am going to put to "active" since this issue was closed.

Sorry, you are right, I misinterpreted "instrument change" to mean the actual MuseScore element by the name (to create a mid-score change of instrument, as opposed to the "change instrument" command in staff properties (changes instrument for score globally).

It seems the other bug you mention is a better report with clearer description, so it's probably just as well to have that one open instead of this. But if you feel otherwise, feel free to re-open this and close the other. Again, sorry for the confusion.