How to remove natural when Keys Changes

• Apr 15, 2009 - 14:18

See the attached file and tell me how to remove natural.


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What version, revision, and operating system are you using. This has been brought up before, and while I could be wrong, I believe it is partially addressed in the most recent unstable prerelease for Windows. Otherwise there is no way to remove the natural without installing the newer revisions.

This is a bug in MuseScore. Installing newer prereleases will not change this since it hasn't been fixed yet. I filed a bug report if you want to track development of this issue:

When I was fiddling around with the key signatures for the bug report I discovered a quirk that allows you to work around this issue until it is fixed:

  1. Add the key change that you want
  2. Drag a [[nodetitle:break|line break]] to the measure before the key change
  3. Edit > Undo

After you undo the line break, the naturals no longer appear in front of the key change.

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